Tuesday, 26 May 2015

DJCAD 'Ones to Watch' Degree Show 2015

Well it has really been an outrageously long time since I last wrote on my blog! A lot has been happening since my last post - rushing to finish hand-ins, preparing prints and cards to sell, painting and general organising for our big DJCAD 'Ones to Watch' Degree Show opening night on Friday (which was so much fun, and all streamed live on the DJCAD website). The show continues to run for the remainder of this week so is highly recommended to visit if you are in the Dundee area.
I'm currently selling cards, prints and ceramic food plates at the show alongside lots of other books and prints, so all the more reason to visit us!

Some exciting things:

Artist and illustrator Hazel Terry (check her website out for beautiful paintings, drawings and textiles) kindly featured me on her blog The Art Room Plant.

I was featured HERE as one of the exciting fashion and lifestyle blog 'Wardrobe Conversations' top five degree show picks.

Also, HERE is a review on DURA (Dundee Review of the Arts) which talks about my work too.

Here is a small selection of the work of my brilliant classmates in the illustration department, with a second instalment of work to be posted up soon. What a talented little bunch!

Jill McDonald

Eve Spears

Nancy Wallace

Thomas Albert

Alison Hogg // Ekaterina Sedykh

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